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Accelerometer Calibration III: Improving Accuracy With Least-Squares and the Gauss-Newton Method

This is the third post in a series.   Introduction Simple Methods Least-Squares and Gauss Newton Streaming Gauss-Newton on an ATMEGA Error Analysis ? In the last post we looked at some simple calibration methods and they didn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Accelerometer Calibration II: Simple Methods

This is the second post in a series.  It starts here. Now let’s look at some of the simplest methods we can use to calibrate an accelerometer.   By “simple” here I mean simple all the way through: easy to … Continue reading

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Accelerometer Calibration I: Introduction

In my last post I described how to start reading data from an ADXL335 accelerometer with an Arduino and convert those voltage readings into standard units. I even showed some real data coming out of my device and when you … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Accelerometers and Micro-controllers: Arduino + ADXL335

My first home electronics project — a device to measure leg acceleration and balance while skiing — involved connecting an ADXL335 on a Sparkfun breakout board to an Arduino Uno.  Going in, I was an experienced programmer but knew nothing … Continue reading

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